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Social media is a great way to communicate with your customers. Last week I spoke about common mistakes that companies make on social media. However, some companies have invested in good social media management and are being absolute rock stars online. You might think it will take a huge budget to make a difference, but that is not always the case.

Here are social media best practices that can make a difference in your strategy.

1. Use the experts in your company: Believe in your product and your staff. Everyone has valuable knowledge to be shared. If you are a boutique, then a staff member can show you easy ways to guess your size. Or if it’s an auto place, have one of your mechanics give a quick tip adding a human side to your business and place you as a brand authority.

2. Researching your customers: Knowing your customer goes beyond just age, sex and location. You must know what other products they like, their wants and needs, and what is important to them. That kind of information will help you determine how you communicate. The best accounts know who their customers are and show them what they want.

3. Setting a brand voice: Setting and maintaining a brand voice is a great way to build familiarity online. This will also assist when communicating with potential customers. You must decide beforehand if your brand voice is fun, witty, irreverent, or straight-laced and serious. This will help create your online identity. Wendy’s and Burger King are known for being funny and fun online.

4. Pay attention to customers: Social media is dynamic; it is constantly moving. Customers and interested persons want timely assistance. Therefore, you should answer queries and complaints quickly. This can also affect your ratings on some platforms, such as Facebook, which rates your response time.

There are many best practices that businesses can adopt to ensure success on social media platforms.

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