Ways Businesses Can Drive Engagement

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If you are engaging in social media, then there’s no question that you’ve heard the word ‘engagement’ before. No, it’s not the time for a wedding cake. When we talk of engagement in the social media world, we speak of activity surrounding a post: shares, likes, comments, etc. Engagement gets thrown around a lot in meetings, but the truth is not many know how to drive it, and the formula to calculate it is nothing short of a moving target (that’s another article).

The fact remains that engagement is essential to your social media strategy, more so than the number of followers your page has. There are pages with 1,000 followers that have more engagement and reach than pages with 15,000 followers. Even though Facebook and other platforms have algorithms that promote spending, you can do some things to ensure some engagement for your page.

Ways to drive engagement

Here are some effective engagement strategies:

– Don’t talk at people; talk with them: A simple question can drive a lot of engagement. Post a question, ask their opinion or give them an activity. For example, ask them to find the hidden treasure in a picture.

– Award genuine fans: If you have a product and have fans who are tagging you or commenting with no incentive, it’s time to change that. Random fan giveaways can drive engagement. If done enough, people will realise that if they are more vocal, they could win. This will also turn everyday fans into brand ambassadors or, better yet, build brand affinity.

– Educate: Don’t be fooled, people love to learn on social media; they want it to be cool. Whether it’s a cool tidbit about your product/service or a fun way to do something that ties back with your brand, don’t be afraid to teach your audience.

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