The Importance Of Advertising In Social Media

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You’ve figured out your audience, developed your strategy, engaged a social media manager, and your platforms are doing well. Now you are ready for the next stage; you want to cast a wider net and get new customers on board.

At the advent of social media, organic reach was not that hard to achieve; the platforms showed us the benefit of using them. However, it is common knowledge that it has become harder to attain viral content with a simple strategy. Platforms such as Facebook have activated their business model, which almost guarantees that you spend advertising dollars to maximise reach and engagement. This can be a little intimidating, so here are some quick tips for getting your social media advertising feet wet.

1. Decide on the type of adYou can decide to post a video, carousel, slide show or photo ad. This depends on the product or information. Sometimes videos allow for more interaction and draw a user’s attention. Carousel and slide shows give additional information, especially if you cannot afford a professional video.

2. Where will these ads go?Will you be placing ads in stories, on a messenger, on different platforms (ie Instagram, Facebook)? This will determine the type of ad. Again, your social media manager will know what works best.

3. Set your ad goalWhen you set your ad, they will ask about your objective. This will help to answer a lot of the previous points. For example, if your goal is views, then that’s a video ad; if it’s lead generation, you can showcase your service. Also, website clicks would guide you through posting and showcasing what is available on the website. Finally, if it’s to build followers, then you might be advised to boost your overall profile.

4. Target audienceSetting ads is still a strategy; it takes a lot of time. Your insights will show you where you have the most interaction and demographic; how you set your target audience will determine how to get new people or increase visibility with your core demographic.

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