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SOCIAL media is an excellent way for brands to tap into new markets while remaining connected to their core customers. Social media users usually use platforms for recreational purposes, however, businesses engage on platforms to drive sales and increase their branding.

Some companies may approach this by having a profile on every platform, and though that is not always the answer, many do it anyway. Here are some ways to ensure you maximise your brand presence and, in turn, increase sales.

1. Consistent Branding: This is a crucial point I make to new clients and trainees; your brand must be recognisable across platforms. We’ve discussed the brand voice previously, and while that can adjust to each platform, branding is a little more complex. The visual identity should be consistent, ie, look and colours are how you build brand recognition. — keep them consistent across platforms. Websites such as Canva and Visme have features that allow you to save your brand elements such as logo Pantone, brand colours and fonts.

2. Make it Personal: Personalise each user’s experience with your brand to target them based on their online actions. It sounds tedious, but tools such as Facebook and Instagram pixels make it easy. Have you ever been on a website and then see an ad on your Instagram or Facebook feed? Often it is done with pixels that allow a brand to target people interested in the product or who have interacted with the website.

3. Reuse Content: I am a big fan of repurposing content. Although each platform is different, you can present the information in different ways. Instagram and Facebook are visual apps, so use the images or videos mostly on these platforms. Select key points you want to push and present that on Twitter, and if your company has a blog/website, post the entirety of that information there. That way, your users will get into the rhythm and know if they want fuller information to go to your site, but a quick overview will be available on other platforms. If you learn nothing else from today’s article, your one takeaway should be, consistency is key.

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